I’m increasingly feeling part of the minority, but I still consider multiplayer secondary to single-player. As the previews swamped Twitter at 3am on Saturday morning, my overtired mind was deterred by Star Wars Battlefront overlooking a campaign. After all, it was a big part of the best game in the brand it’s trying to restart, even if those are remembered for multiplayer. But after having time to reflect, I realise it’s for the best, desp
The Elder Scrolls Online has a lot to live up to. By taking a brand that commands a huge amount of reverence, ZeniMax has tasked itself with merging this iconic RPG franchise with the MMO genre, while forcibly shackling it with the standard pay-to-play model. Ongoing monthly fees shouldn’t diminish your interest in this truly ambitious project — if it hooks you, it's $15 you're not spending on another game — instead, ESO’s inability to de