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There’s an anecdote I want to share, which happened years ago at an event I won’t specify, involving people I can’t identify, relayed to me by a third party who overheard it happening. It was at a gaming event for a big upcoming release, and several critics were stood around a table, discussing reviews they were writing of a certain game. This in and of itself isn’t so unusual, but one of them stated plainly their motivation for the di
I’m increasingly feeling part of the minority, but I still consider multiplayer secondary to single-player. As the previews swamped Twitter at 3am on Saturday morning, my overtired mind was deterred by Star Wars Battlefront overlooking a campaign. After all, it was a big part of the best game in the brand it’s trying to restart, even if those are remembered for multiplayer. But after having time to reflect, I realise it’s for the best, desp