There are many tax forms available to prepare for your taxes, but not all of them will be accepted by the IRS. Fortunately, many taxpayers have discovered that it is possible to prepare and file their own taxes online with a 1040 tax form In order to prepare your own tax forms in U.S.A. you will need a 1040 tax form template to guide you through the process. There are various kinds of templates to choose from. In order to b
Thanks to Steam, the number of platformers on PC has grown exponentially. Normally this genre was associated with the console gaming sphere because keyboard input, as in the case of fighting and racing games, has always had obvious disadvantages compared to pad control. However, today most PC gamers have a controller, whether it's Xbox, Dualshock, Steam or whatever, so they can afford to manage the commands of any platform on the market, from exc
Water is a nutrient "sui generis" because, although it does not provide calories, it is a source of micronutrients and is indispensable for life. It is particularly important for a sportsman or an athlete, as body hydration directly affects sports performance. Sweating is the main way to disperse the increase in body temperature induced by exercise; therefore sweating leads to dehydration of body fluids and a reduction in thermodispersive capacit
2019 was a very rich and important year for the independent video game industry as well. Since we are talking about videogame productions that count on a budget and/or a workforce numerically smaller than the triple A productions, this year too we have drawn up an ad hoc ranking for the so-called Indie Games. It should be noted, however, that more and more often (and even some of the titles in this ranking are an example) independent studios that
As someone who was fresh to PC gaming within weeks of The Binding of Isaac's release, picking it up only because it was $1 in the Steam Christmas sales, I was extremely weary of putting any time into the game when I was picking up AAA titles for only a few dollars more, but boy was I in for a shock. I loved this game within minutes of booting it up for the first time, something that hasn't happened since Fallout 3, and many of the members will
Rift: Storm Legion is the first expansion to be released for Rift. Rift, for a long time, has been seen as the largest competitor to Blizzard’s dominant MMORPG World of Warcraft. The expansion builds on and develops the existing game, by introducing a range of new elements and options for experienced Rift players. The introduction of dimensions, zones that are separate from the questing areas of the game, allow players to hide away. Each dim
The Stick of Truth is finally here! Granted I, like many people I know, have kind of faded out on South Park in the last few years. Maybe binge watching the latest 10-20 episodes when I’m bored then moving on, but damned if the puerile and immature show didn’t make a huge splash on this little one’s upbringing. It gave new meaning to crass, and established a platform from which the worst stereotypes could be brought out to play in a way
“Well, it’s not a thing where you’re always playing a story.” Those are the words of Titanfall producer Drew McCoy last August, who, when asked how the game managed to balance the need for a memorable story with the complexities of a multiplayer experience, tried to downplay the importance of the game world’s premise. Comically, those words couldn’t be truer: you’re never playing a story in Titanfall because it simply doesn’
There’s an anecdote I want to share, which happened years ago at an event I won’t specify, involving people I can’t identify, relayed to me by a third party who overheard it happening. It was at a gaming event for a big upcoming release, and several critics were stood around a table, discussing reviews they were writing of a certain game. This in and of itself isn’t so unusual, but one of them stated plainly their motivation for the di
Mysterio is after the Tablet of Order and Chaos to make himself more powerful than Peter Parker could ever imagine. However, it’s been shattered and the pieces are split into four different dimensions of the Marvel world, each with its own version of Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man (in the Venom suit), Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man 2099 must all work together to collect the missing pieces of the tablet to keep them from fal
Ridge Racer: Unbounded has completely changed the Ridge Racer series. While this Burnout-inspired game might seem disloyal to the drift-heavy experience offered by its predecessors, it's actually a surprisingly entertaining and refreshing reboot for a series that has arguably lost a bit of its excitement. The addictive nature of its drifting mechanics remain, alongside a deeper racer experience that rewards destruction, take-downs and shortcuts.
It may be four years after the initial release on the PS3, but PC gamers finally get their chance to go hands-on with PixelJunk Eden, an artistic exploration of visuals, sounds and gardens. How does the game hold up after such a long spell between drinks? Let's take a look in our review! Zen-like gameplay - From start to finish, PixelJunk Eden is a calming, and zen-like experience thanks to its reliance on visual flair and audio virtuosity. So
BioWare's tale of galactic warfare has stemmed three amazing games, each with their own distinctive flavour and charm. The Mass Effect series has certainly evolved over the years, whether that's a good or bad thing is relative to the player. The first game introduced us to characters, the second helped us build relationships with them, while the latest, Mass Effect 3, forces us to sacrifice the bonds we had formed. Sacrifice is certainly the main
The survival horror genre has lost its way in recent years; the heavyweights like Resident Evil and Silent Hill have lost touch with the "survival" part of the genre, opting to go more towards the action-centric gameplay of Dead Space 2. That's why Jasper Byrne's Lone Survivor is such a refreshing addition to a genre that needs to get in touch with its roots. How does this $10 adventure compare against the heavyweights? Emphasis on survival -
Lego The Lord of the Rings is developer TT Games' best Lego game yet. It doesn’t offer much in terms of plot twists or even anything especially new on the gameplay front, but it does a wonderful job of staying true to the source material while replicating the cheeky Lego humour from other games in the series. It tells a familiar tale, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: Lego The Lord Of The Rings does too much right to have its quality di
Based on the series of the same name, this point and click adventure game is a continuation of the series after its cancellation in 2010. For those itching to find out how their favourite investigators and prosecutors fare, it's probably a dream come true, but for others, not so much. After playing through the first 3 available episodes of the series, it's evident that the game is more targeted towards diehard fans of the series rather than of
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is one of the biggest games of 2012, according to EA, but after the legacy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it was always going to risk slipping under the radar. Following such a massive release was always going to be a risky maneuver, but February has turned out to be the perfect time to launch Reckoning. It comes just soon enough after Skyrim that RPG fans are ready for a new quest, while not being too far away t
One might ask just where a first-person shooter multiplayer game fits into the Batman universe. After all, the Dark Knight is aggressively against the use of firearms, and yet Gotham City Impostors focuses exclusively on Call of Duty-esque gunplay. Strangely enough, this game doesn't actually feature Batman — or any of his ianfamous nemesis' — but rather a bunch of "imposter" misfits dressed as the big Bat, his sidekicks and Gotham's most tro
I fought a shark, nippy crocodiles, several tigers and was bitten by 12 snakes during my time with Far Cry 3. It’s a madhouse out there, and prowling natural predators are just the beginning on a tropical island that is hellbent on killing you. While sharks can largely be avoided by staying out of the god damn shark-infested ocean, deadly encounters on land are inescapable. Far Cry 3 returns to paradisal warfare and begins with a fun-loving